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APBD simplified | Rare disease | Rare Repurposing Open Call

APBD simplified


Mnemonic Device for APBD 0:31

Glycogen Animation 2  1:51

An animation about APBD, Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease. A genetic disorder that causes low activity of the enzyme called, Glycogen Branching Enzyme (GBE1).


Rare disease

What is a rare disease? 2:13

In the United States, any disease that affects fewer than 200,000 people is considered rare. There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases.
Although each disorder alone affects a small number of patients, together they impact nearly 30 million Americans — that’s about one in every 10 people. Two-thirds of these are children.



Watch science writer Carl Zimmer explain CRISPR in 90 seconds 1:28


Rare Repurposing Open Call

Rare Repurposing Open Call 2:48

Findacure have launched the ‘Rare Repurposing Open Call’ with their partners Cures Within Reach and Healx. The open call is an opportunity for rare disease researchers, patient groups and clinicians to submit their drug repurposing ideas for support from us. Please like and share the video to help us spread