Board Members, Volunteers, and Part-Time Staff

The APBD Research Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, assisted by an Advisory Council and committees, which are committed to furthering research on APBD, promoting awareness in the medical community and the public, and supporting patients with the disease.

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Levenson, Co-President
  • Emil Weiss, Co-President
  • Deberah Goldman, Vice President
  • Harriet Saxe, Secretary
  • Susan Coddon
  • Art Glassman
  • Beth Katz
  • David Epstein, Director Emeritus
  • Jonathan Fram, Director Emeritus


  • Robert Dorsky, DMD
    APBDRF’s Pharmaceutical Development Committee
  • Gary Epstein, Google Ad Words Volunteer
  • Leslie S. Leighton, MD, PhD, FACG
    APBDRF’s Pharmaceutical Development Committee
  • Olivia Montana (PROS Foundation)
  • Faye Rosenberg, Social Media Volunteer

Consultants and Staff

  • Natacha T. Pires, MBBS, MS, Executive Director
  • Gabriel Baril, Website Manager
  • Camille Keene, Special Communications Fellow
  • James Meier, Organizational Consultant
  • Sharon Steinberg, Executive Assistant

To contact a specific member of the Board, please e-mail and include their name in the subject of the message.