APBD Planned Giving Program

Whatever your stage in life, planned giving can benefit you and your loved ones while helping to ensure vital research for treatments and cures for APBD continues. Some planned gifts have an impact now, some after your lifetime. Many offer tax savings, and some even provide you with income for life.

An estate plan ensures your wishes are honored in regards to who will pay your final expenses and who will receive your assets, such as your financial accounts, stocks, life insurance policies, personal property and real estate. It is comprised of one or more documents such as a will, trust and/or beneficiary designation form. You can name APBD Research Foundation as a primary or a contingent beneficiary of your retirement plan, a life insurance policy, financial accounts, personal property, or other assets. 

Making a legacy gift to APBD Research Foundation has the following benefits:

  • Perpetuate your values. Your will or trust allows you to create a bequest that reflects the values you hold dear.
  • Retain control of your assets during your lifetime. You can modify your gift if your circumstances change.
  • Take advantage of tax laws that help preserve your estate assets. A well-designed plan can result in your estate paying less tax, allowing you to leave more for your beneficiaries.

The APBD Planned Giving Program was founded in 2022 through a bequest by Art Glassman.

Art Glassman is a retired estate planning and tax attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Art and Penny were told in 2001 that “Penny doesn’t have MS, I don’t know what she has, and there is nothing more we can do” by a leading neurologist in Minneapolis. Art’s late wife, Penny, was diagnosed with APBD in 2009 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Art’s love for and devotion to Penny guided his decisions with and for her during the years when APBD was so unforgiving to her. Remaining together with his life partner was paramount. They sold their home in 2012 and lived together in an assisted living facility and then a care suite until Penny’s death in 2015, six years after Penny received her APBD diagnosis.

Art understands deeply the burden of this disease. He got to hold Penny every day through those difficult years. Unlike a person who is currently living with APBD or a family member who is dealing with its ramifications today, Art has lived the full story.

Interested in making a planned gift?

Next steps for making a pledge to APBD Research Foundation:

  1. Involve your family and/or heirs in designing a vision for your legacy gifts.
  2. Talk to your financial and legal advisors.
  3. Include simple bequest language in your Will or Trust, such as:
    “I hereby give, devise, and bequeath $____or____% of my total estate to APBD Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 2257 East 63 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234, Federal Tax ID# 20-3609790, for APBD Research Foundation’s general use and purpose*.
    * If you would like to designate funds for a specific purpose, we would be happy to discuss your wishes to ensure we can honor them.
  4. Complete beneficiary forms for gifts involving retirement plans or insurance products, including annuities.
  5. Let us know about your commitment and if we can welcome you into the APBD Planned Giving program

Complete the Bequest Intention Form

Download and complete our Bequest Intention Form (insert downloadable PDF) and email it to Natacha Pires at natacha@apbdrf.org.

Thank you for choosing to support the APBD Research Foundation!