We are pleased to have Professor Qing Lu join our Scientific Advisory Board.

Qing Lu, PhD is a Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Florida. Professor Lu completed his undergraduate training in Applied Mathematics & Industrial Foreign Trade from Shanghai University. He earned a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Florida and a PhD.  in Statistical Genetics at Case Western Reserve University. 

Professor Lu generously donated his time to work with our volunteer statistician Larry Schwartz and other researchers to estimate the prevalence of APBD at the gene level. We recently submitted a manuscript for publication in a medical journal.

The Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board — under the leadership of Dr. Edwin H. Kolodny, Professor Emeritus of Neurology (NYU Langone Health) — guides our work to facilitate APBD research breakthroughs and educational programs. They also represent the Foundation at various professional and patient advocacy meetings around the world and in the media to ensure we bring much-needed attention to the needs of the APBD community.