Let’s get the word out!

The APBD Research Foundation has an unprecedented opportunity to move forward toward a cure, but needs to identify more cases of APBD. Spread the word to help the Foundation test more individuals!

We have many resources, especially our OPEN LETTER.  You can share via Facebook, Twitter, email, and list-serves.  These ideas may help you get started:

Please use E-mail note to a rabbi for a more personal outreach. Send it with the two attachments
1)formal letter to the rabbi
2)the primer attached.

Survey research suggests that three different modes of contact is ideal for outreach:

(1) APBDRF website posting of this new letter to the rabbi with the primer;

(2) Jewish movement newsletters that summarize our message to their member synagogues (view example)

(3) Personal E-mail contacts to rabbi’s from our APBD community.


We have an abbreviated hyperlink that you can use in a Facebook or Twitter posting.  It’s a quick way to direct your readers to the OPEN LETTER (English): https://www.apbdrf.org/open-letter
Write to Sharon@apbdrf.org with any questions.

Ads in newspapers and magazines are also a way to get the word out.

Print Ads: Ad sizes guide


Web Ads:


Gregory’s photo and by line:

Write to Sharon@apbdrf.org with any questions.