The APBD Research Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Canmann to its Board of Directors.

Michael Canmann is Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of CC Industries, Inc. – a Henry Crown Company. He has over twenty years of investment banking experience and has worked extensively on both public market financing and strategic advisory assignments for a range of industrial companies. His APBD diagnostic journey began five years ago.

“Michael brings extensive business development experience and his personal battle with APBD to our mission. Having him join us at this point in time is critical as we work to increase our reach and impact and bring treatment options to those with APBD and allied diseases,” said Jeff Levenson, co-president.

“I, and the other members of our Board and staff, welcome and look forward to collaborating with Michael,” added Emil Weiss, co-founder and co-president.

Over the summer, the Foundation has grown and strengthened its Board of Directors to include four new members, including Michael, who share our vision of “a life free from APBD.” Please join us in welcoming Michael to the Board of Directors!