March 2022 Newsletter
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RBCK1 deficiency added to the list of diseases, including APBD, for which glycogen synthase-targeted therapeutics may be effective

A recent study published by Silvia Nitschke, PhD, Mitchell A. Sullivan, PhD and others at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and UT Southwestern, Dallas, furthers knowledge about polyglucosan bodies, a type of malformed glycogen observed in several genetic diseases including APBD. The study, "Glycogen synthase downregulation rescues the amylopectinosis of murine RBCK1 deficiency" published in the journal Brain, characterizes polyglucosan bodies in a disease called RBCK1 deficiency.

The researchers find that polyglucosan bodies in RBCK1 deficiency, APBD, and also in Lafora disease, contain several structural similarities including overly-long glycogen chains. This suggests that each of these diseases may respond positively to therapeutics that reduce the activity of the enzyme glycogen synthase. This study demonstrates the possibility of preventing disease progression in RBCK1 deficient mice by reducing glycogen synthase activity in a manner similar to studies on APBD and Lafora disease mice.
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