Wishing Gregory Weiss
Founder of the APBDRF
a Happy Birthday!

Thank you Robert Zuckerman for your wonderful photograph.

“NYC Marathon Fundraiser” meets “Giving Tuesday”
JoJo and Chloe finished the marathon and reached their goal. Won’t you help us reach ours?
$9,500 of the $30,000 Challenge Grant is still unmatched. Even a dollar donation sends a message to our other donors that you care, too. This link www.apbdrf.org will take you to the Foundation’s website where you can click on the orange button to make a quick donation. Thank you for caring!
“We’re all in this together”

2017 APBD-NYC Marathon Fundraiser

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Moving Towards a Clinical Trial in Israel and the US
Our sister organization, the IsrAPBDf, is making progress in establishing a clinical trial in Israel. We in the US want to be proactive in moving the regulatory process forward here as well. Our goal: Establish a satellite of the Israeli trial -- or a parallel study -- so that North Americans who can’t make big trips can also opt in. To that end, we had a representative participate in the Rare Diseases Summit in Novato, California. The Summit was a highly interactive set of presentations and roundtables with pharmaceutical experts and experienced industry entrepreneurs.
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Fine Art Photography Auction Fundraiser
Thanks to:
Bob Costas for serving as M.C.
Robert Zuckerman for donating Limited Edition prints of his work
Robert Dienes for co-hosting
Lesley Goldwasser for providing the venue
Here are samples of the Zuckerman photos that made this event possible. Please email info@apbdrf.org for more information.