2016 NYC Marathon Fundraiser matching grant opportunity:
Dear Friends of the APBDRF:

The NYC Marathon is fast approaching.  "JoJo, Chlo, and DieGO" have been lacing up their running shoes and getting in shape to provide an exciting incentive for donors to support the APBDRF.  With the marathon taking place on November 6, we've so far raised just over $9,000.

We need to dramatically ratchet up donations.  The marathon is our main vehicle to raise funds that cover our annual administrative expenses.  Without support, the ongoing existence of the APBDRF is at risk.  

A strong supporter of the foundation has set a matching offer on the table.  All donations, up to a total of $30,000, will be matched dollar-for-dollar. With $9,000 "in the bank," we have an additional $21K of matching funds available to leverage. Let's not waste a golden opportunity!

Checks may be sent directly to the APBDRF in order to avoid service charges associated with Crowdrise. Just annotate your check with the words "Marathon Fundraiser" and we will post an acknowledgement onto our Crowdrise page.

Or for convenience go to:


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