Wow! We're over half way to our goal for the Million Dollar Bike Ride!
Dear APBD Patients, Family and Friends:

The APBD Research Foundation thanks the helping hands who met the Dr. DiMauro Dream team goal of $5,000 and piled on support for the APBD Tour de Friends team as well.  Because of 60 generous donations, we are over half way to meeting our $50K total goal, which comes with a dollar-for-dollar match by Penn Medical.

This shows that there are lots of people out there who care. They care that APBD patients have suffered through years of searching for the correct diagnosis, have watched impairments worsen, and have felt hopes for improvement wane.

With the support of our scientific advisory board, the Foundation has developed a multifaceted research program to help find the treatment/cure for APBD and allied diseases.

Now we need as many people as possible -- at any giving level -- to stand with us in this battle.

Let's try for that $50,000 donation goal!  It would result in Penn Medical awarding $100K in grants to APBD scientists, thus accelerating our research program and preparation for clinical trials.

We want to send a message to the patients and the science community: You are not alone. We stand with you.

Please give no matter the amount.  Here's a link to make your donation.   Click on the blue DONATE button you'll see on the top left side of the page..

May 6 is the deadline for action.

Thank you,
The Board of Directors of the APBDRF