APBD Research Foundation
Univ of Penn, Million Dollar Bike Ride
-Raising Money for Rare Disease Research-

Question: What's more fun than biking through the streets of Philadelphia on a lovely morning in May? Answer:  Biking through the streets of Philadelphia on a lovely morning in May and raising $100,000 for APBD research!  The "APBD Tour de Friends" bike team is seeking your help to reach our goal.  May 7, 2016, is our target date.
The Million Dollar Bike Ride raises funds for rare disease research projects. It's especially remarkable because it offers an astounding matching component.  The Penn Medicine Orphan Disease Center will match the funds raised by each bike team, up to $50,000.  Yes, we can end up with $100,000 for APBD research!  All donations are tax deductible.  All go directly to Penn's Orphan Disease Center, which distributes the funds in the form of grants to researchers.  This is a powerful opportunity to advance APBD research. $10, $100, $1,000, or $10,000 - all levels of giving are welcomed with gratitude.  Will you contribute?  Here's the link to our fundraising page:    http://givingpages.upenn.edu/defeatAPBD 
We need to complete our team roster.  Will you ride with the APBD Tour de Friends?  Route possibilities are described here  http://www.milliondollarbikeride.org/ride-routes/
And you can register to be a rider here  http://www.milliondollarbikeride.org/cyclist-registration/
You say you're not a bike rider? We also need to supply some day-of-event helpers.  Email info@apbdrf.org to let the Foundation know you're interested in volunteering.  
Last, but not least: We're looking for Penn alums and affiliates who recognize the impact of the event taking place at their alma mater.  Please check among family, friends and colleagues, get an OK, and supply names, class year, and email address to info@apbdrf.org  Here's the list as of today:
Richard Alterman, C'65
Ross Reife, MD, CAS'73
 APBDRF Scientific Advisors:
Lewis Regenstein, C'65
Charles Saxe, CIS'78
Samuel Rosalsky, DMD, C'65
Robert J. Smith, C'80
Dr. Marvin Natowicz
LD Coddon, W'67
Jennifer Tourial, CAS'90
Dr. Salvatore DiMauro
Paul Ehrlich, W'67
Lauren Smith Brody, C'99
Sidney P. Rodbell, WH'68
Benjamin Brody, MD, C'99
Phyllis Ettinger Rodbell, CW'68
Jared Barnett, SAS'04
Charles R. Gershon, MD, C'70
Alexander G. Gershon, SAS'11
Please forward this letter, encourage others to join us in Philly, donate to the cause, and find signers for our roster of Penn alumni and affiliates.
Thank you!  Thank you!

APBD Tour de Friends...This is why we ride